The Forbidden Love of Kronendal

The Forbidden Love -  Jam Series
Romeo and Juliet 

About the forbbiden love story in kronendal

Legend has it that the Kronendal is haunted by the ghosts of manor-born Elsa Cloete and her lover.
Elsa was the beautiful daughter of Daniel Cloete, who owned Kronendal between 1835 and 1849.
She fell in love with a British soldier stationed in the area, whom her family did not approve of.
This led to a suicide hanging. Tragically Elsa never married and died of a broken heart.

Kitima is all about romance. Every evening, you will find a a table for two set with lit candles in the foyer, always booked for the former Hout Bay Romeo and his Juliet.

Today ,Kitima restaurant it’s has been beautifully refurbished with wood carvings, red silk drapes and even a Bangkok river boat adorn the walls, While antique chandelier lights twinkle, creating a warm, romantic atmosphere in the old colonial Cape Dutch historical building as national.

                                                 More about " The three sister's"

Twelve years ago, We saw the Kronendal Homestead while on tour with family. We all fell in love with it instantly explains Kitima Sunkonponpao, the namesake owner of the restaurant. Kitima was opened in 2007, runs the restaurant along with other two younger sister's Eed and Jintana.

After the lemongrass chili jam make such a wave last summer,  Chef Kuan Lai and his team bringing you another magic this festive season.

Trio of citrus marmalade , which is Tahiti lime , Serville Orange and Yellow Lemo with goji barry created by our executive chef and pastry chef Nicky King for it amazing vitality of rich in antioxidant to benefit your health beside goji barry known has the ability to improve eye sight.

Award winning Kitima inspired by dedicated passionate team of Thai chefs, recently initiated a charitable project - with The Original Tea Bag Design at Klein Kronendal to produce the labels to design the logo from recycled used tea bags.

This initiative aims to educate the local communities to use fruits peels and food waste produce jam and marmalade to enhancing job creation.

Our organization principle strive to give back to local communities through these unique initiatives - with the aim to ultimately enhance social development & help increase job creation.

The Forbidden Love - Series Cake and Pie 
 Lavender Pineapple Jam Apple 

Doesn't matter is English lavender or French lavender ? I loved both anyway , It nothing better to have a bubble bath with lavender oil in it ......I always wonder what about putting it in some of my jam or dessert ?

Every year this time , Brent from Pink lady apple always give me tons of bad apple but not bad enough for me to dispose so my creativity has turn into many delectable creation such as Lemon grass chili jam , Trio citrus marmalade , Rooiboos and ginger marmalade and my chutney was rate as good SA famous Mrs Ball chutney on the shelve.

From making jam to marmalade i have learnt the stages of making the two different items its all base on one principle ! Pectin

Apple make the perfect Aspic indeed rather use chemical or jam sugar , If you could get plenty of apple and lemon pith and pulp then make jam so easy and cheap indeed but so delicious ....

when i started produce jam and marmelade at Kitima was just by coincident of finding out too much citrus being purchase during the quiet month of the year in winter, then i discovered the value of pith and pulp of the citrus peel contains high in pectin too !

Take no delayed , I began my jam making process from lemon grass chili jam to marmelade for a almost half a year until everyone complaint at work then i was too passionate about it , I even took taste fruits peel cut and boilt until late hours in the morning.

I was ban for jam production due to high electricity bill at home apparently , but this has no discourange of me keep exploring of new recipe and improvement of my jam making habit...

 I well remembered growing up in Malaysia to have imported jam are fancy items for indulgent and yet mostly have it as a breakfast with toast of afternoon tea which rarely happened to me. But i was fortunate to have my dad always bought home fancy jam and marmalade from the 5 star hotel he stayed oversea. Strawberry and pineapple jam from the french brand Le Bonne always has been my best.

I often tell myself the pineapple is the most highly yield items in the kitchen because half of th pineapple which throw away after being trimmed and sliced.

Today i decide utilise all pineapple skin peel the hard inner core to produce a thick jam to combine into my beloved basic apple pie recipe.

Adding the muesli crunch , cashew nut and raisin are my best ingredients mingle in-between the soft apple and banana.

Toasted white sesame is the will know what I'm taking about when you have your first bite.

Fold through it carefully without breaking up the apple piece and the banana.

                                A couple of good vanilla essence always does the trick in baking !

Please do not let Leisa know that i spoon out of her beloved cashew and almond butter . just half a tea spoon and  i kept half of the pit for her ..

Baking the pie just like the old fashion way ,,,,No secret actually but chopping the fresh lavender blossom before you closed up the crust line is the key ok !

Forbidden Love Jam  2016 Series

Bitter Sweet Love 

A slight bitter from the kumquet rind enhance with rooibos tea and
ginger make this irressitable preserved make a perfect marriege with cheese platter or with scone

This initiative aims to educate the local communities to use fruits peels and food waste produce jam and marmalade to enhancing job creation.


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